Somewhere New

Why Choose us?



At SomewhereNew you will find only professionals and travel lovers who have been creating perfect itineraries since 2001 and guides that are totally committed to making your experience unforgettable and hassle free.



Travelling is about providing new experiences and memories, breaking routine and allowing you to meet people from all over the world. SomewhereNew is for students like you, studying abroad and ready to explore. Here you’ll only find like-minded people. With less boundaries to cross, making friends becomes much easier!



The most exciting learning experiences are all about getting to see, touch and taste everything about other cultures. We put extra care to provide you with a “local’s” experience with all its cultural touches.



Unlike other tour operators, we include everything from the start, including travel to your destination*(FAQ’S for more details). Plus you see more and can get to places that you just can’t get to on your own!


"You" Time

Travelling gives us breathing space that is often lost in our usual day-to-day existence. At SomewhereNew we give you structure, but also all the freedom you need to enjoy your trip as a personal experience to be cherished.