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28 Jul

Live with the Locals – A guide to the less-walked paths of London boroughs

Posted by Horace in Travel Stories

As stated by author Saska Graville, “London has a personality and style all its own – from grand to edgy, modern to heritage, and urban to shabby chic. London is such a vast, sprawling, living, breathing entity that it’s impossible to give it a neat and convenient label. And that’s what makes me love it all the more.”



Situated a few blocks behind Butler’s Warf, Bermondsey is an up-and-coming borough that has become a refuge to the foodie trend. Bermondsey is home to the delicacies of St. John Baking Company, Bea’s of Bloomsbury, Little Bird, The Ham and Cheese Company and much more. Also home to the Ropewalk, a buzzing street market situated beneath the railway line, Bermondsey offers locals the chance to grab a quick gin & tonic and snack instead of performing their weekly food shopping within the market walls.

Notting Hill

Not only home to the famous book shop worked by High Grant in Notting Hill, but also to the touristy and historic Portobello Market. According to the locals, the best way to spend a day in Notting Hill is to completely avoid Portobello Market and head straight to Golborne Road on Friday’s and Saturday’s. A combination of antiques and patisserie’s is the perfect end to a stressful week in Central London. It is highly recommended that you visit Bazar Antiques (and surrounding stores) and Lisboa Patisserie for the most delicious Portuguese custard tarts.


As described by Ms. Graville in regards to Marylbone, The Great British High Street is an endangered species. In an era of chain stores and indentikit rows of shops – same coffee chain, same fast-fashion shop, same supermarket – Marylebone High Street and its surrounds is a rare thing. Packed with small, independent shops and an atmosphere all its own, it is one of London’s most popular shopping parades and together with the surrounding streets, a lovely part of town for a wander.” In an era of electronic books and online purchases, a true, local book store is a rare find! Don’t miss Daunt Books with large leather chairs and long wooden corridors. The perfect complement to a unique book store is a one-of-a-kind perfume. Visit Le Labo to find your perfect scent that is blended right before your eyes.

Other Boroughs You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • Shoreditch – Great nightlife
  • Primrose Hill – “A-Lister” residences
  • Chelsea & South Kensington – Beautiful streets and great shopping
  • Clerkenwell – Exmouth and Meat Markets