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30 Aug

Cliche Tourist Pictures in London (You Cannot Resist Taking!)

Posted by Horace in Travel News

Let’s face it, you’re in London and this is your time to shine on social media no matter how cheesy the pictures are! On this journey in an unfamiliar place, you know you will take all the cliche tourist pictures and here they are:

Big Ben

Big Ben

Ask anyone from the UK and they will without a doubt tell you Big Ben is one of the most famous British landmarks. If you’re in London, this is definitely one of the top touristy pictures to take. Go ahead, get that selfie stick out!

Telephone Booth

It’s like Starbuck in New York City! You cannot go a corner without seeing one of the quirky red telephone booths. See how many people you can fit inside one or just take one by yourself! 

Telephone and Big Ben

Telephone Booth with Big Ben

You can even take a picture in one of the iconic telephone booth with Big Ben in the background for the ultimate London tourist picture!

Tower Bridge

You might have thought it was called “The London Bridge” however the real name is Tower Bridge. This bridge crosses the Thames River and can take you straight to the Tower of London. Whether you take a picture on this iconic bridge or further away, you know the thought of “London Bridge is falling down” or lyrics from London Bridge by Fergie will be a caption option.


Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s official London residence. You can pop your head in between the gates and see the Changing of the Guards ceremony. If you want to feel like royalty, you cannot resist taking a picture in front of this iconic landmark.

Students on Abbey Road
Beatles Abbey Road

This is a perfect opportunity for any music lover. The Beatles and Abbey Road go hand in hand. The infamous picture can be yours! Grab three friends and recreate this picture! 

St James Soldiers selfie
Acting Weird in Front of the Guards

Making the Guards laugh is impossible no matter what you try and let’s be real, you are definitely going to try! This is where the goofiest pictures usually are taken.

Harry Potter 9 3/4

Whether you are a Harry Potter fan or not, release your inner wizardry and enter Hogwarts by pretending to jump in the air while your friend holds your scarf (to make it look even more realistic) to get the perfect picture!


Don’t let this stop you from taking the pictures! This is your time to shine and you don’t want to look back and regret not taking “that picture” because you didn’t want to be “that tourist,” so show off all London’s iconic spots and share your experience no matter how cliche it is!


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