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9 Sep

Amsterdam & Bruges

Posted by Horace in Travel Stories

I’m warning you now, if you ever plan on visiting Amsterdam, there’s a solid chance you will never want to leave!



It’s the Bicycling Capitol of Europe

Seriously, where else are you going to find a city where you look both ways for bikes before crossing? Where policemen on bikes will pull you over for running a red light on a bike? Where people bike to work as well as the bar. Forget about the city that never sleeps, Amsterdam is the city that never stops cycling. Even if the thought of joining these expert cyclers seem like a death trap, I encourage you to get out there on your own two amateur wheels and show the streets of Amsterdam what you’re made of. For an extremely reasonable price, we were able to rent bikes for 24 hours and tour the city on two wheels. Amsterdam is a fairly small city and if you’re up for it you can ride along the canals until you’ve seen every beautiful bit of the city. For those of you who don’t trust your cycling skills, Vondel Park is a beautiful place to enjoy a peaceful bike ride on a nice day.

Amsterdam is the city of Canals and Bridges

I can assure you that no matter what way you turn, you will be surrounded by water. With 1281 bridges connecting the 165 canals of Amsterdam, it is a picturesque summer getaway. There is no better way to see the entire city than partaking in one of the many guided canal tours. My suggestion would be a tour company called “Those Dam Boat Guys” which is made up of 3 young guys who moved to Amsterdam just a few years ago. The boats they use only fit about 10 people so the tours are extremely personable and unique to the customers. Plus, they encourage bringing a few drinks on the boat so you can kick back and relax as you cruise through the canals. Just wait until you see the luxurious houseboats!

The city is crawling with history

Whether you are interested in world famous artists, breath-taking architecture, or the life of Anne Frank, Amsterdam will keep you occupied with the endless amounts of history that it has to offer. If you’re an art lover, make sure to visit the Van Gogh Museum and the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum. Before you even enter into these world famous art museums, you will be taken back by the glorified architecture that embodies them. But the incredible design and architecture of buildings in Amsterdam can be found around the entire city. Take a close look at the canal houses that were built during the beginning of the Dutch Golden Age and you will notice their narrow infrastructure and large hooks on the facade of each one. These hooks are used to pull up furniture that can’t fit through the narrow staircases within the house. For all of you architecture lovers, you will be overwhelmed with the beauty that this city has to offer.

Amsterdam loves to Party!

This should come as no surprise seeing as Amsterdam has made it into the top 10 party cities of the world year after year. On almost any night of the week you can expect the streets bars and clubs in Amsterdam to be packed with locals and tourists looking for a good time. Seeing as it’s a small city, everything is walkable and makes it easy to bar hop. If you are looking for an area with clubs and bars that are open late then check out Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein. These squares are literally surrounded with the best night life spots in all of Amsterdam. If you are looking for a more risky part of town, then the Red Light District is the place for you. There is even a bar crawl that takes place within the Red Light District that takes you to all of the best spots in the area. But no matter what you decide to do, you will quickly learn that Amsterdam is a city that is always ready to party.

Brown Cafes you can’t find anywhere else

There is no better way to truly indulge in the Dutch culture of Amsterdam than to visit AT LEASR one of the Brown Cafes in London. The second that you walk in you will feel like you are taken back to the 17th century cafes with nicotine stained walls and authentic atmosphere. Not to get these confused with the coffee shops in Amsterdam, the Brown Cafes are a relaxing place to go to grab a bite to eat or a coffee. If you really want to get a feel for the old time cafes throughout Amsterdam, pay a visit to the Brown Cafe known as “In ‘t Aepjen” which dates back to 1475.


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