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29 Oct

Guy Fawkes (Bonfire Night)

Posted by Horace in Travel Stories

As October draws to a close, you’ll begin to hear the excitement about Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night. The excitement surrounding the 5th of November anniversary is meet with cheers of firework displays, overnight festivals and carnival popups, which take place all over London and the UK.

If you’re new to the UK, Bonfire Night might be a bit of a mystery. Here’s a little back story about the famous night and some of the best places around London to catch the dazzling displays.

Where it all began…

In 1605 a group of conspirators planned to blow up the House of Parliament in retaliation against King James I. The group of 13 men, included a man named Guy Fawkes who would later be known as Britain’s most notorious traitor.  The plan to blow up parliament required Guy Fawkes to be set in the basement of parliament with 36 barrels of Gun Powder. And when the time was right, to blow the building to pieces. However, an anonymous warning letter made its way to the King and in the early morning hours of November 5th, Fawkes was found in the basement and arrested.

And so, every year on November 5th fireworks are set off to celebrate the safety of King James. However, some wonder if they are really celebrating the safety of the King or Guy Fawkes attempt to do away with the government?

Whichever you decide, it’s a night to celebrate and take in some gorgeous firework displays and pop up festivals. We’ve put together a list below of the top 5 places we’d recommend to take in Bonfire night this year.

Insider Tips

While some require tickets to enter, you can normally position yourself close enough to the area to take in the fireworks without having to pay the price to get in. Some firework displays take place leading up to the November 5th Anniversary. Make sure to double check the date of the event as they can be anytime between 3-5 November.

Best places to see Fireworks in London

  1. Southwark Park – Monday 5th November

Put on by the Southwark Council at Southwark Park, the event is free for residents and prices for tickets vary. More info can be found by clicking the link below

  1. Battersea Park – Saturday 3rd November

Presented by the Wandsworth Council, the event fireworks event takes place at Battersea Park. The event is just a stones throw away from Battersea Power Station which is surrounding by bars, restaurants and cafes. It has the makings of a perfect evening. Tickets are £10  with the fireworks starting at 8:00PM. Make sure to get their early for a good spot.

  1. Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival – Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd November

Taking place over 2 nights, this festival includes ice skating, live music, a beer festival, circus performances and more! The fireworks display even includes a laser show both nights. Tickets can be purchased and more info can be found by clicking the link below

  1. Lambeth Fireworks – Saturday 3rd November

This firework display has 2 back to back shows. The first showcases music from some of Disneys best musicals. From Mona to Frozen and even The Greatest Showman, watch as song sync to the dazzling show in the sky. Then, stay put for all the best music from the 90’s to today! Spice Girls, Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé and more! Tickets and more info below.

  1. Morden Park – Saturday 3rd November & Wimbledon Park – Monday 5th November

Both events are put on by Merton and bring together local neighborhoods. Each have a funfair, two bonfire and two firework displays on the night and loads of food and drink vendors. Bundle up tight to stay warm and check out the link below for more details!