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8 Oct

Video Contest Autumn 2018

Posted by Horace in London Life, Travel News

We love seeing our students travel each semester. The stories, friendships and memories each weekend trip or theater night out create, will last a lifetime. And so we want to see you bring these stories to life and win some sweet prizes while your at it!

Let your creativity and imagination soar with our Autumn 2018 Video Contest!

There are  3 Easy Steps to Enter..

1. Travel with us!
Join SomewhereNew on any weekend trip, day trip, theater night, London or free event from January 2018-November 2018.

2. Create a video about your trip!
During your adventure with us, take pictures and videos. Then, use those to create a a short video (minimum of 30 seconds, maximum of 2 minutes). This can include a singular trip or be a combination of different travels throughout the semester. Music can be used but must be licensed for reused purposes. No outside trade marks or watermarks should be visible within the video. Videos should be no larger than 1GB.

3. Submit your video for a chance to win!
Submissions start 23rd October at 5:00pm (British Standard Time), with the final submission date 19th November at 5:00pm(British Standard Time). Videos must be submitted to the link below. Students can submit up to 3 videos to the contest throughout the contest period. Multiple winners will be selected. Winners will be notified through email on or by 30th November 2018. Prizes include but are no limited to: London swag bags, Starbucks vouchers, theater tickets, London Ice Bar Tickets, gift vouchers and cash prizes. Any videos submitted to the competition become the property of SomewhereNew & Proscenium Tours and can be used for a multitude of purposes as seen fit.

 Click here to enter!