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24 Jan

Free Time Guide to Croatia

Posted by Abigail Six in Travel News

Can you imagine sitting by the Adriatic Sea, watching the waves roll by or strolling up to a sea side café and sipping on wine made right on the island? Croatia offers just that and so much more. If you are joining us on our spring break adventure to Croatia on maybe just having a browse for things to do while there, we’ve got you covered. This is our Free Time Guide to Croatia – Split, Hvar, Korcula and Dubrovnik. Things to do on the beaten track and outside of the guidebooks.


Split Green and Fish Market 

This renowned market called Pazar is situated at the heart of the city. It’s the perfect chance to brush up on your bargaining skills, meet some of the Split locals and try out some local cuisine. Wander the stalls, enjoy the scenery and basic in Split culture.

Open daily from early until 6:30pm

Marjan Hill

The best view of the city can seen from atop Marjan Hill in Marjan Park. If you’ve got the time and don’t mind the 314 step climb, the views will be well worth it. Marjan also hosts hiking trails and St. Jerome Church, built right into the side of the hill, if you want to spend a bit more time wandering abut.

The start of the park can be found on Marmont Street and continues to the west.


A bit of the weird and unusual always makes for the perfect trip. Froggyland located in the heart of Split is an oddity museum with hundreds of taxidermies. Of what exactly? Well Frogs of course. Some playing baseball, some set up at the bar, others doing household things. Look we know it’s a weird one, but if you’ve got an hour to kill and want to switch it up, check out Froggyland.

Open Daily 9am – 11 pm (for the weird and wonderful)

ShotGun Shooters Bar 

This tiny little bar is a hub for locals and travellers alike. Situated in Old Town Split, ShotGun Shooters is a wild ride for anyone up to a night of dancing and partying the Croatian way. You’re in for a night to remember.

Open Friday and Saturday 8pm to 1 am

Charlie’s Bar

Just down the street from ShotGun Shooters, Charlie’s Bar offers great nightlife atmosphere with affordable trips for students and travellers. They also offer bucket drinks and Game of Thrones themed cocktails, along with a wide range of beers and local spirits. Something for everyone!

Open Daily from Noon to 2am


St. Stephen’s Square

The most central point of Hvar, its said that all roads lead to St. Stephens Square. The square hosts St Stephens Cathedral and the Episcopal Palace along with cute little shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. It’s a great meeting place to check out the locals and stroll along the sea or start off your night with a great meal and a few drinks.

Café Nonica 

Nestled just a 5-minute walk away from St. Stephens Square, Café Nonica is a most stop for a little sweet treat. They bake and sell everything in house, from cookies, cakes and brownies, to local favourites like Hvar cake. They even have gluten free and vegetarian options for those who need. Café Nonica is great for an early morning start or mid-day break.

Open Daily 8am – 2pm & 5pm – 11pm

Carpe Diem 

Yes, this restaurant and bar is all about seizing the day! Sitting on the beach, Carpe Diem is open from early morning til late night. It’s the perfect place to catch the sunrise and sunset, grab a great lunch or dance the night away. Sitting right on the edge of Riva, it’s defienlty a sight to see at any point during the day.

Open Daily from 9am – 2am

Hula Hula Beach Bar

Known by travellers and locals alike, Hula Hula Beach Bar is the place to be to party down in Hvar. Sitting right on the beach (of course) Hula Hula is a little piece of island heaven. Acting as a restaurant during the day serving fresh seafood and local favourites, by night the music is jamming, and the drinks are flowing. The best live music with gorgeous views of the sea…you cannot beat it!

Open Daily from 8am – 11pm


Kutak Knjiga 

Sitting right in the heart of Korcula, Kutak Knjiga is incredible little bookshop filled with books from all around the world. Its speciality is translating Croatian classics into English. But you can also find books written in Polish, French, Mandarin and Czech. It’s a most stop and see for any literature lover.

Open Monday-Friday from 9:30am – 1:30pm

House of Marco Polo

Want to check out where this famous man go his start? Visit the birth place of the world-famous traveller and writer. There is even a little tower on the house that you can climb up for amazing views of the sea and surrounding Korcula.

Open Daily from 9am – 3pm

Massimo Cocktail Bar

Without a doubt the BEST SUNSET VIEWS! Massimo Cocktail Bar sits on the very edge of Korcula in Old Town on top of the Berim Tower. You’ll have to hold your cocktail in one hand while climbing a ladder to the top, but we promise the views are worth it. They even have a DJ playing some tunes to match the gorgeous backdrop of the sunset over the Adriatic sea. It doesn’t get more paradise island than this.

Open Daily from 8am – 1amčula/196627527066240


Old Town Market 

The best way to get to know a city is through its food. Head down to Old Town Market and wander the open air stalls, meet some of the locals and try the best fruit, vegetables, wines and artisan products Dubrovnik has to offer. Get their early so you don’t miss out!

Open Monday – Saturday from 7am – 5pm

Cable Car to Srd 

Your chance to see the Old City, catch some stunning views and watch a picture-perfect sunset. The Cable Car starts in Old Town just behind the city walls and then makes it way up to the top of Srd Hill. Built in 1969 (and well taken care of…plenty safe) has seen millions of visitors since its start. On a clear day you get beautiful panoramic views of up to 37 miles away! Tickets can be purchased at the docking stations and start at just £5 GDP.

Open Daily from 9am to Midnight

Buza Cliff Jumping

One of the best spots in Dubrovnik for cliff jump is at Buza Bar. Known as The Hole in the Wall, Buza Bar is a hidden gem in Dubrovnik. Offering pricey drinks but priceless views and a chance to jump in the beautiful clear crystal waters below. The bar can be difficult to find so locals recommend following the Jeuzit stirs and looking out for the “cold drinks” signs all the way up. If you’re having trouble, just ask a local for the “Hole in the Wall Bar” and they’ll point you in the right direction.

Open Daily from 12pm onward

We hope you enjoy your time in Croatia! If we’ve missed anything you think should be on this list, leave us a comment below.

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