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6 Feb


Posted by Abigail Six in Travel Stories

When studying abroad and traveling to new cities, you want to find a place to visit that ticks all the boxes. You want a destination to be fun, memorable, full of friendly people – and ultimately, someplace where you can learn something new and grow as an individual.
For all of these reasons and more, Krakow, Poland is a perfect destination for young travelers. Not only is it a charming mix of cafes, gorgeous gothic and baroque architecture, and home to the largest medieval square in Europe – but the entire town is also
listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is filled with rich history and untold stories.



During the second world war when the Nazis occupied Poland, they decided to set up camp in Krakow and make it their capital of the German Central Government. As most of Poland was brutally bombed, Krakow was perfectly preserved. During this period, the Jewish people were forced in ghettos and sent in monsterous numbers to concentration camps. In fact, Auschwitz is only a one hour trip from Krakow and is a sobering yet worthwhile day-visit to truly understand how devastating this part of world history was. Krakow is also home to the factory that Oskar Schindler owned, whose story inspired the film Schindler’s List.  His factory has since been turned into a fascinating museum that is a close walk from the city centre. 




Krakow today is a much happier and exciting city than it was in the past and is even a popular destination for Stag-do and Hen parties! The locals are warm and friendly to visitors and the city is filled with great food and plenty of opportunities for nightlife.
Try local foods like pierogi (dumplings stuffed with a sweet or savory filling), potato pancakes, and racuchy (pan-fried pancakes stuffed with apples and topped with powdered sugar). Poland is also known for its incredible flavored vodka that is so delicious,
you don’t even need a mixer! Try a vodka tasting tour that will take you around to some of the best shot bars in the city, or try a Krawl through Krakow pub crawl for a night out that (hopefully) you won’t forget.

Krakow is also known for its historic old square (that has one of the largest markets in Europe), and the Kazimierz, otherwise known as the Jewish quarter. The old square is home to the 14th-century St. Mary’s Basilica, beautiful medieval architecture everywhere
you look, and seemingly endless cafes and bars. The old Jewish Quarter brims with history and excitement, as it has become a modern epicenter for Jewish culture. This picturesque part of Krakow is filled with churches, shops, museums, cafes, bars, and music.
With constant activity day and night, this is a must-see destination when you come to Krakow.


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