Somewhere New


You’ve got questions? We have answers!

Who are we?

Individuals who have a passion for travel and unearthing the best experiences every destination has to offer! We all believe that travel should provide an in depth, individualised and unique cultural experience- whether you are visiting for a year or just having a day out!

Who goes on our tours?

International and study abroad students who love to explore new places. So whether you join in yourself, or with a group, chances are you will meet like-minded travellers- and make some new friends.

I like to travel on my own, why book a tour?

The safest and most convenient way to “go somewhere new” is travelling with a group and an experienced leader. Trips are hassle-free and we provide a local’s experience with all its cultural touches. This means you can make the most of each destination, and of course, there is plenty o time to discover things on your own!

Will there be free time?

Of course! We know that one of the best things about travelling is exploring on your own. At the same time, our guides are there to give you all the important  (and juicy!) bits so you can discover even more.

What’s included?

We hate hidden costs, so we include everything from the start. That means accommodation, transport (except for tours where it is specified that the student must find their own transport to the destination/accommodation. Current tours that DO NOT provide transport to the destination are Budapest, Krakow, Croatia and Greece), guides and entrance fees (except during free time). It sounds obvious- but be careful, not all student tour companies include this!

Who will be leading my tour?

Our tour guides and tour managers are exceptional, passionate characters with incredible knowledge of the locations. Don’t be afraid to ask them where to eat, shop or explore on free time! Their presence makes an instant positive impact, so your trip is full of indelible memories.

Where will I stay?

We know that all of our travellers are on a budget and we want to make sure that our accommodation represents the best value for money. Whether hotel or hostel, we choose according to location, service, and the recommendations of all the students who have travelled before you.

Do I need a Visa or Travel Documents?

Please note that depending on your nationality you may need a visa to travel to some of the countries/locations on our website.
While many nationalities do no require a visa to enter/travel to these destinations, there are others nationalities where a visa is a requirement. It is the student’s responsibility to check if the destination they are visiting requires a visa for their nationality.

If you do require a visa please note the following:
IF you require a visa to enter another country outside of the UK, please allow at least 4 weeks prior to your travel plans to apply for the required visa. You are responsible for ensuring that you are in possession of the required travel documentation such as visas and passports and that they are valid and effective for all countries passed through en route.

If you are only traveling to ONE country outside of the UK then applying and obtaining a visa for that country may be the most direct option. However if you are planning to travel to MORE THAN ONE EU country there is the option of the Schengen Visa. If you’re from outside the European Union, and you want to travel inside the EU during your time in the UK. This scheme means you only need to apply for one visa to travel to any of the 26 participating European countries in one trip. If you’re visiting only 1 country in the Schengen space, apply to the embassy of that country. If you’re visiting more than 1 of the 26 countries, apply to the embassy of whichever country you plan on going to first.

Most consulates require that you provide proof of travel itinerary (including accommodation info and method of travel) and proof of payment when you apply for your visa applications. We can provide you with a travel itinerary and evidence that you have booked a tours with us. Please contact us as if you require travel documents as proof of travel for your visa application (please allow 7 working days for us to provide this information.)

Please note that although we can provide you with travel documentation this does not guarantee you will receive a visa to travel. SomewhereNew cannot be held responsible for students who are unable to travel due to not meeting visa requirements and our normal terms and conditions will apply if you fail to obtain any visa required for travel.

Terms and conditions may be found here