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3 Step Guide to Bike Rental in London

There’s always a chance to see something new or go SomewhereNew when the skies clear in London. Warm weather and sunny days are perfect for getting out and discovering hidden gems. The best way to see the city is by bike and Santander Cycles makes it easier to do so. With over 750 docking stations and more than 11,500 bikes available to rent, you can cycle around in the sunshine at your leisure. This 3 step guide to bike rental shows you just how easy it is to rent out a Santander Cycle and bask in the beauty of London at springtime.3 step guide to bike rental in london


Step 1 – Hire the Cycle

Find the nearest docking station and make sure to have a debit or credit with you (Notes and coins are not accepted). When you arrive at the docking station, find the terminal, touch the screen and select “Hire a Cycle”. Simply follow the instructions on the screen to get your rental sorted. A ticket will print out with your cycle release code. These codes are only valid for 10 minutes once printed so work quickly.

Step 2 – Enjoy the Ride

Using the code, find the bike you would like to rent and release. Enter the 5 digital release code on the docking point’s keypad and pull out the bike. Once the cycle has been released, the bike is yours for as long as you’d like (Payment will be taken from the credit or debit card used at the station). Be safe cycling around London. Check the bike, tyres, brakes and bells before heading off for an adventure. You can even adjust the seat height to make for a perfect fit and smoother ride.

Step 3 – Return

Once your journey is over, find a docking station to return your bike to. Simply place the bike back into the docking port, and wait for the green light to come on at the docking point’s keypad to ensure that the bike is securely docked in. Make sure to give the bike a firm push into the docking point. If the docking station is full, you can avail of a 15 minute free period in order to find another station with an empty slot. Do this by selecting the “No Docking Point Free” on the stations terminal, and then find your way to a free spot at another station.

We hope this guide helps you to have a smooth and fun cycle adventure around London. Don’t miss out on enjoying the sunny days.

Happy Travels, Cheers!

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