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Best Apps For London & the UK

Being in an unfamiliar place like London can be overwhelming however with the right apps you can ease your way into the London lifestyle.



This is the most useful and ultimate app for any city! Plan journeys whether it be bike, car, foot or any of London’s public transportation. This app will give you the shortest and easiest journey option as well as giving you the cost estimation. CityMapper has an option to save addresses to make your life even more easier. It even tells you when there are delays on the tube!

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UK Bus Checker

Never wait in the cold and rain again with this app. It will give you the bus times at any London bus stop so you can know exactly when you need to catch your ride.

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London TubeMap

Super helpful app that has the map of the Tube so you can easily navigate your way undergrounds.

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London Cycle

This app gives you the quickest and safest cycling routes in the city. It also is makes it convenient for locating Barclays Bike stations so you can enjoy the ride without getting deserted with a bike.

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Get home fast in the palm of your hands! This useful start-up app changed the cab experience all over the world. It allows you to request a trip which is then routed to Uber drivers.

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London Coffee Network

You can get Starbucks anywhere! If you are going to live like a local then support the local coffee shops in London.

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This app offers exclusive deals at local pubs, restaurants and events near you. It even gives you tips on popular spots near you!

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This event app keeps you in the loop for dates on events and ticket deals as well as cool shops, bars and cafes to check out near your location.

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This is a must! It gives you the best gig prices for all music events and has an easy booking process.

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Timeout London

TimeOut will keep you up to date with all London events. Whether you’re looking for a place to eat or festivals going on it has it all. Search by date, location, or type to find out what’s on offer in London.

Timeout also offers up to date info on various other cities around the UK and around Europe, check out Timeout Edinburgh, Timeout Cardiff or Timeout Cambridge just to name a few!

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Money Help

ATM Hunter

Get your money and get it now with this simple ATM locator app.

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This app is great to have right at your fingertips when traveling. It contains over 190+ currencies. So check the exchange rates super fast by using this app.

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